Practice essay on the background and early career of Tiberius Gracchus

Senatus Populusque RomanusThis is from the 2008 HSC Ancient History exam.  The practice essay question is worth 10 marks.  Go through your notes, and have a go at it.  Preferably, write it up within time limit rather than type it out.  I will post a sample response later on this website.

(a) Describe the family background and early career of Tiberius Gracchs to 133BC.   (10 marks)

Note from the 2008 HSC exam markers:

  • Students need to avoid prepared answers.  Instead you should interpret the questions caefully to ensure you have addressed the specific requirements of the question asked.
  • Naming sources is not enough.  Students should integrate sources to support their responses.  Do not simply refer to “some historians”.  Including relevant sources is critical in Question a.
  • Better responses should include a range of sources. 
  • Average length of a higher band response should be around two pages of average sized handwriting.

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